Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Stats

One of the main things you may be asking as a new adult is the fact that you have heard a lot about the human virus namd papilooma or mr. pap for short, and how it can affect you and your sexual life.


As democrats we have to acknowledge that we like to have sex with each other without condoms.  That makes the problem of HPV especially important to us because HPV is primarily passed between humans while they are having sex without a condom.  Today you can actually expect a person that has slept with more than 3 people without a condom to have 90% chance of having been in contact at some point with the HPV virus.

There are many ways that you can avoid getting the HPV virus.  The most common way is getting the common vaccine called guardacil.  This shot is a three dose shot that lasts about six months before you are completely immune.  All sexually active adult should use condoms as it reduces the chances that your penis will fall off due to the fact that you slept with another whore.


One of the main ways to not get infected with HPV, believe it not, is to not be a whore and sleep with people that are actively sleeping with other people.  This is the best way to avoid transferring the virus around and getting in contact with it because the more people you sleep with will statistically give you the higher chance of ending up with an STD at the end of the day.  Here are some resources to find out more about STDs…